About Me

I am greatly humbled in producing this web site. In referencing prayer to assist in building this web site, I found myself completely drowned in an ocean of other sites about prayer.
I’m not a priest or a minister.
I have no formal education in religion.
I am a Christian and believe in the gift offered by our Lord Jesus Christ.My concept for this site is simple. I only wish to share a concept “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!”©

In my past, I have chosen to do many things my way. My way has been frequently the wrong path in life. When I first thought of the phrase “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!”© It was just for me.I needed help. It was a simple action for me to make a sign and place it strategically in places that would remind me to pray.I had placed a 5” x 10” note on my car dashboard that said “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!©“. I needed it. I needed a reminder for myself, while driving, to pray for help. I could see this new plan was working for me.I have realized my need for more “one on one” prayer time with God. I know how much I will benefit from “talking” with God. Having the phrase “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!© “ nearby really helps keep me focused. With my convertible top down and my placard in place, I experienced several occasions that other drivers noticed my sign. People have stopped at a traffic light and beeped their horn, given me thumbs up or on occasion exclaimed “Praise the Lord”. They exclaimed they loved my dash board placard “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!”© . These few people have inspired me.I believe I have a reason to share this aphorism everywhere. However, I need help to spread the words Don’t Delay…Pray!!!© I know I am only able to “plant seeds”. I have no illusion that God will always automatically step in and save me or anyone else just because we Don’t Delay but Pray now…Often…and with faith and belief in God.

So, I offer the concept phrase “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!© ”  to all those who seek God in prayer. I offer the concept to believers who wish to openly share and have no fear to openly share a simple phrase “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!© ” because they have found it works for them. If you too wish to “plant seeds”, just click Share an Inspiration to see items that will enable you to share “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!”© .
Perhaps you are more inclined to seek a personal reminder of “Don’t Delay… Pray!!!© “.  You too may find an item at Share an Inspiration for yourself.

Matthew  18 : 20  (RSV)

For where to or three

are gathered in My name,

There am I in the midst of them.

Philippians  4 : 6 & 7

Have no anxiety about anything.

But in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving

Let your requests be made known to God.

And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding

will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

                                                         Planting Seeds for Prayer