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June 6, 2019

Today I am beginning to establish a Prayer Chain for prayers of thankfulness as well as needs.

Additiond to the Prayer Chain may be made by going to the Guestbook page and entering the prayer request in the comment box.

First names only for prayer requests as they will be seen listed on the Prayer Chain.

God bless


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A Widows Persistence

The Persistence of the Widow

Todays word is PERSISTENCE.

In Luke 18:1-9, Jesus tells us the parable of the persistent widow.

Here we read that a widow appears before a judge to request justice from her adversary. It’s important to note this judge was not a believer in God and didn’t think much of the ordinary man that may be set before him. The judge to whom she brought her request first thinks to ignore her request. However, The judge probably knew this woman or heard of this woman’ She might be like a nasty gnat buzzing him relentlessly until her request was heard. Thus, after contemplating this woman and her suspected persistence, he decided to advance her request. The woman’s persistence has proven to be a great asset.

Jesus concludes with a question. Isn’t or Lord of the highest importance to man? Do we laud Him above all else? What will He observe when he returns? Will he find US persistent in our communications with and requests (PRAYERS) to God. Will we not have lost heart in our prayers?

Don’t Delay…Pray!!!™