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Spiritual Life of Prayer

Where Are You In Your Spiritual Life of Prayer?

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”

Many believers find themselves thinking, “Am I still to be found enjoying the graces of God if my efforts in expressing myself in activities have waned? Or when I am experiencing  mental backsliding of spiritual life?”  It is not unusual for one’s faith to show signs of lethargy if not addressed properly. This can actually be a positive thing for a Christian. I’ll discuss this more shortly.

As a Christian, I am humbled with my own reflection of drifting from my spiritual path. I need to frequently tell myself, “Joel, God has not given up on you and He is not done with you yet”. I am always amazed that every time I let myself wander from God’s chosen path, He always helps me return to Him and the path He has chosen for me.

In my reading I have found that a Christian’s measure of grace received is not the key toward which we gauge our spirituality, but rather our ability to carry out God’s commands as Christians to fulfill His will is key.

In our world we experience many forces that diminish our path toward God’s holiness and grace. Satin loves the worldly experiences we have. He encourages experiences that work to expose our soul to diminished spirituality and faith.

When we veer from soul enriching faith, Satin loves to take advantage of our weaknesses. Satin will assume the appearance of an “angel of light”. He will display angelic gentleness. He will tell you that you are just too far gone to receive God’s grace or nearness to God so why bother to try. He will claim you have become too attached to worldly possessions and your faith has grown cold and icy. Your faith has grown too lethargic. He may even tell you your earthly interests have allowed you to have strayed too far for seeking communion with God at church and allowed you to think you can deal with life on your own. And besides, doing things your own way is more enjoyable.

Even more, Satin will work to get you to believe your holy and spiritual duties are just a joke and hypocritical for you in this life on earth. All the while you are left crawling in the dirt and dust each day, missing the love and grace of our Father in Heaven.

We must not listen to the lies of Satin, not for a moment!

We need to wait upon God’s love for each of us in order to rejuvenate our faith and soul.

How shall we do this? What does waiting on God mean? For us as Christians, I believe waiting on the Lord entails meditation, confession and PRAYER.

Meditation : Being constant in your reading and studying of God’s word   via the Bible.

Confession: Truthfully, realizing just where you are in your spiritual  journey.
Prayer: Being constantly devoted to your prayer time with your Lord in  good times as well as times of trouble and strife.

Our tears of loneliness will bring us from crawling in the dust with Satin to standing in the glow of God’s grace and love.

The Angels of heaven and earth will again sing out for you and the gates of Heaven will shine bright as a welcoming home prelude.

Peace be with you,


                                      Don’t Delay…Pray!!!™

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