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I have had this site open for several years. Many people visited and left comment that they either enjoyed , appreciated or liked the content with which I filled pages such as “NOTES FOR TODAY” or other comments on my Blog pages.

A Challenge to Plant Seeds for Prayer

However after re evaluating my web site along with current trends in society, I have decided to take a different tack.

As you read on, I intent to propose a challenge to visitors to Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!

Our society is failing. It is ill. From drive by shootings to politicians that banter back and forth with open hostility. The resulting inaction and diversion of not only our political system but our social foundations.

What percent of our population can say they attend a church or Synagogue once a week or once a month. Or how many people will openly say “I am a Christian” “a Buddhist” or “a Muslim ” or of another religion.

How many people will tell you they pray every day. How many people will admit they pray for our country’s leaders or for a stop to gang related violence.

My Theme has not faltered. I am more determined now more than ever to call to attention the need for PRAYER. I am speaking of prayer at Home, on the job, at School in our daily lives. I have always said… Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!

Here is my Challenge

I believe the Lord has led me to help increase and spread the use of prayer in the daily lives of all people. Particularly those that don’t attend a church.

I am going to ask you to join me to spread the gospel by Planting SEEDS for Prayer during our every day lives.

I fully believe in the church and its mission. However, I feel a fresh view would help.

Society has moved too far from reasonable basic Christian beliefs and values. A revived Spirt is needed to return to Godly values, be it through prayer.

As some of the media have admitted, people idolize and deify sports personalities whether nor not they live and display a positive moral image.

We have become a society of “I have” and I want” material things to give peace and solace.

I am asking volunteers to step out in public, not with a placard that has a political statement or otherwise protest of some sort. But to wear one of my T-Shirts for a day…or daily. Then openly and casually go about your normal activities of work or play, in isles of the grocery store, Sam’s Club, or a favorite mall wearing the logo “Don’t Delay…Pray!!!.™ You will be “Planting Seeds for Prayer”

Secondly, If willing, record mentally or in writing reactions (positive or negative) of people you see, greet or just plain encounter during a public excursion.

If so motivated, a brave volunteer may, with my blessing, see people and ask “what do you think” about Don’t Delay…Pray!!!.

Yes, This is a survey but it is much more. I believe it will be extremely rewarding for each volunteer! People will see the power of the phrase. They will be encouraged to be bolder and more open in their belief.

God does want to hear from us through prayer, and often.

Here is Where My Vision Begins

People see T-Shirts with Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!

People will see themselves becoming bolder about prayer.

People will see others step up and agree prayer is needed.

Others, fearing nothing, saying Prayer is “OK” and needed now!

Then prayer will used by someone new.

Then others will pray more.

Then others will pray with others.

Prayer groups and prayer chains will develop where they were not before.

I am sure prayers will be answered prayers. People will take note of answered prayers.

I have my own positive expectations for each volunteer. This is based upon my own experiences, having carried or displayed the phrase    Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!

Specifically, will you be willing to accept a t-Shirt from Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!! and utilize the wearing of the T-Shirt as I have described and report back to me your experiences?

I will continue to add Posts relative to prayer at Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!™.  So whether or not you choose to volunteer to wear a Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!! T-Shirt, I hope you will continue to follow and make comments at Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!

You may view samples of Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!! T-Shirts at the Gift Shop . You may order at the Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!!™ Gift Shop . Choose a size and color combination .The T- Shirts require a donation of $15.00 per T-Shirt Shipping is included.

Note: ALL proceeds of Don ‘t Delay…Pray!!! are given to The Youth and Family Services and Coalition for the homeless of Pasco County, Inc.